Friday, September 10, 2010


So at some point in time I looked and my little baby girl has decided to grow up and become her own little person. Okay, so I know it wasn't just all of a sudden but it seems that we reached a pinnacle where it has become very apparent how grown up she is now. She has been wearing panties full time during the day since April 20 of this year, she told me today that she wanted to go to school and wants to ride a school bus. She wears her leappad backpack around all the time saying she is going to school. She has started memorizing Bible verses... that girl has an incredible memory! It never ceases to amaze us at the things she remembers or puts together.

So you are probably wondering what this video has to do with the whole "growing up" business. Well, I was flipping through the paper after we got back from Labor Day weekend and came across an add for a local gymnastics place... well, then I saw that they also had preschool. Evie has been big into doing somersaults and jumping around for quite a while now which had got us thinking we should check into something to teach her how to be safe doing these things and give her a good outlet for her energy too. I had kind of checked into preschool but found that most started at 3 and she won't be 3 till February so she couldn't do this year. Well, this place does a "tot time" for an hour and a half 1 or 2 days a week as a younger preschool, learning a letter a week and of course other things, AND getting some time apart from parents (which is more for a break that anything because she is NOT clingy when it comes to going to hang out with other kids or learning even in new environments). Anyhow, I was too late for the preschool but we got put on a waiting list (she is super bummed about that) but there were still spots open in the 2-3 year old gymnastics class. So after talking it over with D, we took her tonight to go register... um, that was a BIG mistake. Not a mistake to enroll her, but I probably should have just gone in early on Monday before class because after I filled out the paperwork and we did a mini tour, we were let in the gym to get a close up look at where she would be at and she starts taking off her shoes (she was paying attention when the gal told us that the main thing about dress code is that she had to be barefoot) and when D told her no, not right now, she started SOBBING. Seriously, we had more than one person ask us as we were trying to discreetly leave if she had gotten scared being in the gym and they were a bit suprised when we told them that "no, she just didn't want to leave". So needless to say I think she will enjoy the classes :) I am a bit concerned about them having an end time though, and hope that she will be able to part more amiably after having done it and knowing she will be coming back. I hope to have some pictures soon of my little cutie - we don't have a leotard yet, I think we will wait to test the waters a bit more first, but it should be a fun time for both of us!

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