Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Evie has a new cousin... and it's a girl this time!

IT'S A GIRL!!!! My older brother and his wife were expecting their first baby in September, but not until the 25th or so. So when my sister-in-law's water broke on September 2nd they were more that surprised. Then on the 3rd Violet Joy made her debut, weighing in at 6 lbs 2 oz and measuring a whopping 20 inches long. Evie love love loves her! So it should be fun during the holidays when Violet is a little tougher and Evie can get a little closer. She is so small and adorable, it makes me miss when Evie was just a new little one, but she is so much fun now!

HELP! I'm addicted to garage sales!

So, this year after having my daughter, I decided to give garage saling a try when the season came around. If you know me, you would know that I am a very frugal person and I love finding good sales so I guess why wouldn't I love garage sales. Plus reusing baby clothes amongst other things is very green :) which I like to be. So, now that the season is almost over you might be wondering how it went for me. Well, as the title to this blog states... I am addicted to garage sales (and craigslist at that). Each week I search craigslist and the local paper for any garage sales that promise baby girl clothes. Then I list them out with directions - which I don't need as much anymore since I have become very familiar with Ankeny over the summer - and then number them in the order I plan to go... who says that you can't feed your OCD when you are a mom! I have to admit that most of the items in Evie's closet were bought at these sales. I love it! Some of my favorite outfits were not bought new... and if she ruins an outfit or only gets to wear it once because she grows too fast - oh well! It only cost 25 cents to a couple of dollars! I also love good deals so much that many of Evie's little friends have gotten numerous gifts from our garage sale outings - they just laugh. Funny part is that my dear husband is concerned that I will go through withdrawal during the off season - and he is only partly kidding! Don't tell him, but that is the other thing craigslist is good for :)