Thursday, October 15, 2009

A glimpse into Life with Evie

Really, I have been meaning and wanting to do some sewing... and I actually have done a couple of things (those pics are on my other memory card and I just don't feel like getting up right now). I made a pair of custom fleece slippers for Evie, they are a touch small and I need to put some elastic (maybe I should try the FOE) but super cute none the less. I also have cut out the pieces for a t-shirt refashion to a newborn gown and now just need to do the sewing part. I do have an excuse for this week though. We were at my parents last weekend to go to the apple orchard and for Evie to get a hayride from Grandpa and pick out pumpkins. Then we were reorganizing our basement and getting ready for family to come stay. My brother and his wife and our niece Violet(see pic at bottom) are staying with us because they have a work convention where we live and so stay with us and I am watching Violet during the day while they are gone. So, not much getting done when chasing two toddlers :) Maybe next week... in the meantime here are some cute pics from the last month or so.
so tired but must draw
she climbed in there on her own - I guess that'll teach us to put a big bowl on the floor

hayride with Grandpa (Poppi)

Grandpa showing her how to start a fire.... great

With cousin Violet who is 13 months (Evie is 20 months) - syncronized sippies :)