Thursday, September 23, 2010


I don't know why these milestones keep suprising me and in turn making me mourn the loss of my little baby girl, who is growing into such an accomplished little girl. So this week my little Evie has decided she is VERY into the big kid "real" puzzles. We have been doing at least 1 every day this week. Well today we got out her Very Hungry Caterpillar 24 piece puzzle that Grandma Joyce got for her around the time she was born :) and Evie put together half of it while I was working in the kitchen... no help from me! She will be 3 in February and she is such a determined little thing that once she sets her mind to something she WILL do it!

Another thing we are hearing lately any time we see or talk about birds of any kind she will start saying "when I have wings, then I will fy (fly for non Evienese speakers) with the birdies!" said with gusto!

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