Thursday, May 26, 2011

Runaway Life!

Man! I feel like life is running away from me right now. I have so many things on my "to do" list that it makes my head spin! Some of those things have been on there for a really long time too!

We have been working on our lawn a lot when the weather permits. So far, we have heavily overseeded to try to choke out some of the weeds with new grass. I have spent numerous hours pulling our dandelions after we were unable to find a good non toxic solution for killing the weeds. We even looked into the organic and all natural but the natural ingredients still warned against tissue damage if it came in contact with skin/eyes :(  And then we also FINALLY ordered river rock and laid our landscape fabric and rock in the areas next to our house that we had plants.

We still have a ton (literally!) of rocks left and so we are going to put some under our back deck and try adding some more to the sides as they settle a bit. I also need to get some organic garden soil to put in my giant planters for my tomato plants.

The big project inside has been working on the bedrooms. The wood sealer they used when our house was built didn't hold up to any water exposure so I need to reseal all the woodwork in the house basically and have been doing some as we painted the guest bathroom and master bathroom upstairs. We also got rid of Evie's baby bedroom furniture and are looking for new since we are moving her into a bigger bed. I started with her bedroom so she got moved into the guest room and has been sleeping on the queen size bed in there for now. Then after moving her we decided that since that room is a little bigger and her previous room had the bigger closet we would switch her and have the guest room in her old room, then the closet would be bigger for storage. So I have to repaint the walls with a coat of paint to freshen them up and then after the fumes air out we will move her back to that room and then we will repaint the guest room for her... as of now she has been telling us she wants a really dark pink or red, uh oh! Then get her a new bed and dresser, then lastly I will work on our bedroom...

In the midst of all this craziness I have really been wanting to get some sewing done, but can't seem to find enough time all together. So tonight, I decided I was going to just at least start something... hopefully that means that I will have some finished project pics soon!