Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stills from Life with Evie

Okay, so I know I have been really bad at putting any posts out here... but I have been doing really good at doing my Bible reading every day! Here are some pics of what she has been up to!

Hugging/tackling the kitty on the deck today... her favorite thing is to go in and out of the sliding door to the deck. I have a baby gate up on the stairs. She loves being outside.
She goes out and then shuts the screen door behind her :)

Doing the splits trying to climb in the baby swing at church. She never made it in the seat.

"sharing" a toy bus with her buddy Miciah

Easter playing with her cousin Violet.

watching the cars drive home from work and licking the window

sitting in the rocker in her room that belonged to her Great Grandma Evelyn and reading books

playing king of the slide with her friend Miciah

a tag blanket and onsie for a baby shower

the free tricycle that we got from Craigslist - she can't reach the pedals yet but she loves to be pulled around on it

she loves putting on our shoes

now daddy's shoes