Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tutu cute! (I know, so lame!)

So this morning after I took Evie's jammies and pull up off when she went potty (yes, she still wears them at night even though she has been 100% panties during the day since April - I'm just not ready to go there yet...) anyways, she was then "nakey" as it has been termed in our house. She then told me she was going to go downstairs, to which I replied "not nakey, you will be cold" since it was pretty chilly here last night. So she went in her room and I went to do something in our room and when I came out she was standing in the hallway dressed like this, see picture below:

I laughed to myself and sent her in to show off her outfit choice to D. This btw was the very first time she has ever dressed herself without fashion guidance or help with putting on the clothes. She got it all the way on and even had it right side out and facing the right way. Then, seemingly satisfied with her choice, she proceeded to go downstairs and play with her trains :)

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