Thursday, September 30, 2010

Evie on vacation!

I promise to post more pictures from our nice camera but thought I would stick a few on here that were cute candids of Evie and some taken by her as well... she is becoming quite the photographer and never misses an opportunity for a photo shoot. She did that both nights at our hotel and looking through the pictures I found she took some pretty good ones :)

This was at Ikea on the escalators. She loved them! And since she was not big enough to go in the play area while we shopped we let her do a few rounds on these when we left.This was after our long day at the Minnesota Zoo. We were there for 6 hours! And she didn't take a nap, even in the car on the 15 minute drive back to our apartment, but when we were driving to eat before heading to Ikea, she zonked out about 2 minutes from the restaurant and didn't wake up until we were halfway through the meal! She NEVER does that anymore!
Oh and we had quite the ordeal with that... D carried her in from the car still asleep and as we were shown to our table our hostess commented did we know Evie only had 1 shoe on? Um, no. So we figured it had come off in the car and we just didn't notice. It wasn't there, or in the restaurant that we could see or in the parking lot. Well, the only other place we had been was the hotel and so D drove the 2 minutes back there to check the parking lot and grab her other shoes while I sat next to her sleeping in the booth. We left our number with them and thought they might find it when they cleaned that night. No one called and so I called the next morning before they were open and checked with someone and they said nothing had been turned in and checked where we had sat and found nothing. They said they would call if they found anything and I let them know we would be leaving later to go back to Iowa. Its silly but I got in the car and cried. I was just so frustrated that somehow the shoe had vanished. And these were Evie's favorite shoes, her bright pink crocs. Cut to a couple hours later as we are shopping at IKEA, I get a call and its the restaurant, asking if I had gotten their message. They had found the shoe in a completely different area of the restaurant! Yay! So she nows has two shoes again!
Crazy hair after taking her ponytail out!

Stinky Baby close up portrait by Evie
her sofa bed at the hotel, by Evie
She came and told me at one point that she took a picture of "Weevies bed and mommy daddy's bed"
say cheese mommy!, by Evie
another one, by Evie

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