Sunday, August 22, 2010

Where has the summer gone?

I can't believe that the school year has started again! I had so many grand ideas for things to do during the summer with Evie and as a family. Life has once again happened and I feel like I am running out of breath trying to catch up. It seems like every day I look at Evie and she is turning more and more into a little person. Sometimes it is hard for me to remember that even though she is already 2 and 1/2, she is ONLY 2 and 1/2! I find myself expecting so much from her because she acts beyond her age so often. Well, enough about that, my real reason for this post is to enlist help from anyone out there who has tips, ideas, resources on preschooling ideas for me to use with her. We already do lots of reading and watch some fun educational shows that teach about animals and letters/words, but I am a bit more of a structure oriented person and would love to have some solid ideas to turn to when trying to turn normal daily activities into more of a learning experience. Keeping it fun :) She does count to 12 (I don't know why this number, but after 12 it usually goes to 16?) and knows her alphabet but really doesn't recognize many of the letters or numbers when she sees them. She talks.... A LOT and does really well with communication. She has a very extensive vocabulary for her age... I remember when she was 20 months old that I had tried to list out all the words she used and even some short 2-3 word phrases and at that time she had well over 100 words, then I looked in our Dr. Sears The Baby Book and it said that by 24 months you could expect a child on average to have around 50 words. We knew she was chatty but that kind of opened our eyes to it since she has a little buddy 7 weeks older than her who is along the same lines as her, so we hadn't thought as much of it. Anyways, I am rambling and I need to get some sleep because sweet girl didn't nap today and so was in bed by just after 7pm which means an early morning for me most likely :)

Ta ta for now :)