Sunday, December 28, 2008

Handmade gifts revealed - round 1

We still have a family Christmas the weekend after New Year's so I am posting the gifts that have already been given and will do another posting after that.

This is one of the two pillows that I made for my mother in law and her sister. The plaid fabric was from a shirt that my husband had held onto that was their dad's. He passed away 18 years ago. I used a really soft red fleece for the front and then sewed one of the front pockets onto each one. They teared up a bit, so I guess they were well received. I also made a small drawstring bag out of the same shirt for my husband's cousin to put a couple of their grandpa's pocket knives in, also well received.

We also did air dough handprints for the grandparents - I even got my husband's sister to do her two boys so they got all of their grandkids ornament prints.
Next was a bunch of pajama pants for the guys. First off, Chicago Bears cotton for my father in law (I made just the pants - he decided to pair a shirt he already had with it).
Mountain Dew green fleece for our brother in law in Washington.
Hunter orange fleece for my husband's younger brother who just passed his hunter safety. There was also a digital camoflauge fleece pair for my husband's uncle that I didn't get a pic of.
This next one was made by my husband's 18 year old brother - it was a solid oak bookshelf for his mom. It was really well done so I thought it deserved a mention.
This was a pair of camo pants and a personalized crayon roll for my 3 1/2 year old nephew.
This was a stuff lion I made for my 7 month old nephew. It also uses parts of the grandpa shirt like the pillows. This would be his great grandson. I named it LAV which is Croation for lion because my husband's grandpa was Croation.
For my sister in law I made a set of six lime scented snowflake bath bombs (she loves lime), and some peppermint body scrub that I put in a snowflake jar.
For my husbands grandmother, I made an apron. And not pictured I made some hot and cold packs for his grandpa.
So, for my first year of doing handmade gifts, I would say it went pretty well with the exception of being way behind for most of the time - so next year I will be starting much earlier!


  1. way to go Bonnie! what a lot of lovely sewing! you rock!

  2. Good going Bonnie! These look great.

  3. Dear Bonnie, thank you for the lovely comment you left me at my blog a while back. What a sweet encouragement it was to me! It is my prayer that those who read my blog are blessed and encouraged.

    May you continue to grow closer God and be greatly blessed of the Lord in this coming year!
    Miss Emily Rose