Monday, January 5, 2009

Round 2 Christmas gifts revealed

So now "Christmas" is officially over for me since we are back from celebrating with my family. Here are the rest of the homemade items I created and gifted this year.
I didn't get a good pic but if you can see the green and red tablecloth in the bottom right... it is a NOEL repeat print jaquard that I did a tablecloth and tea towels for my mom - she always has a seasonally correct tablecloth on the table because her 4 children did a number on the wood table growing up.... one of these years we are going to have to refinish it for her
Evie's handprint ornament for the grandparents
pjs and matching sleep mask for mom - its a pretty vintage paisley print

flannel pj pants for my sister with matching sleep mask

fleece pjs and sleep mask for my sister in law - I also made bath bombs for her and my sister but didn't get pics

tutu, V applique onsie and pants with matching bow modeled by the bear :) for my 4 month old niece - the fabric is fleur de lis which are the English family crest

gray fleece pants for my dad

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