Saturday, December 13, 2008

Why doesn't it feel like Christmas?

So, it is already the middle of December and I am fighting back the instinct to freak out! I haven't even started my Christmas letter, we haven't taken our picture for the cards we mail out to family and friends, I have barely gotten anything done on the presents that I decided I was going to make this year, we don't have a tree, none of my decorations are out... and the list goes on. Thanksgiving came a went and didn't feel like it should be here yet, it has even snowed quite a bit and stuck around.... but it still doesn't feel like Christmas time. I haven't been out in the shops much except for groceries and such but even so the Christmas decorations have been out at some places since before Halloween! Maybe I have become desensitized to it all! The closest I get to the Christmas feeling is when I am working away at some project or chore and listening to my Christmas music. I don't know what my problem is, this is my favorite time of year! But is is also the first year that I have not been out in the workforce and so my exposure to others mainly takes place at church Wednesdays and Sundays, and errands(but that doesn't really count as interation most of the time). We are also in the midst of a dilema about getting a Christmas tree... we will have to keep Evie out of it and try to avoid her pulling it over. We also are trying to watch how we are spending our money, I haven't worked since Evie was born (10 months today - in fact at this time 10 month ago, my water had just broke and I was telling D that we were in labor) and we didn't do the best for the first 6-8 months on sticking to a budget so now we are trying to do some backpedaling. I guess that was one of the reasons I wanted to make as many of the gifts as I could - I knew that I could make less money go further and be more meaningful that way - but the gifts have to actually get done for that to work out. I am trying to get myself in the mood you could say... I pulled all of the boxes out of storage today and have big plans to put aside my projects for a while this weekend and "deck the halls". I will keep you posted on how that goes! Maybe that will be just the push the snowball will take to get rolling! I did get motivated (finally!) about 4 days ago to make a point to do my Bible study/devotions everyday and make sure I am spending that time with Him. I had been doing really well before Evie was born and then well, you know how it goes... something big changes and then good intentions to do things always take over somewhere and my big one that had held on was in my daily God time. I am happy to say that I have done my devotions 1st thing after getting Evie fed and changed in the morning for 3 of the past 4 days and plan to continue on that way. One big reason I kept putting it off was for lack of time - and since starting them, I have definitely felt more motivated to get other things done as well. Anyways, I am really glad I am getting back in the habit but I know it will take a couple weeks for it to really become a habit so I will continue to work at it. And I am really tired and have rambled on so excuse the chaos and I am going to bed now!

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