Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

So December kinda snuck up on me and I realized that I needed to start making the Christmas presents that I had been coming up with. I am new at all of this - being a mommy, sewing, crafting, etc and so it is a lot more challenging than I thought to fit everything in. I had a chance to work on it uniterrupted today while Evie and Daddy took a nap.

I had signed up for a Holiday Traditions Exchange that needs to be mailed by next weekend so I thought that I would start with that - items to be included are a favorite Christmas recipe, a Holiday Tradition tutorial and a handmade ornament. So far I have the recipes done, and ornaments, now I just need to write down my Christmas tradition and add any bits and pieces. I can't put any pics up just yet in case my exchange partner should happen to stop by, but I will post them once the package is received.

I also have been working on making handprint ornaments of Evie for the grandparents - those are more challenging than I thought since a 10 month old is more interested in squishing the dough than making a handprint. I want to make 3 and so far I have 1 because I had to redo it 3 times!

I even had a chance in the last couple of days to whip up some cute baby pants from old t-shirts. I don't normally go for tie-dye but it is pretty cute for lounge pants on her and I made a square top hat to match out of one of the sleeves... kinda looks like a handkerchief! I am really excited to do some more, I just got a bunch of fun old shirts from my parents' house that had been left there by us kids at some point.

The other fun thing that doesn't have anything to do with sewing is that Evie started walking! She took her first steps on Thanksgiving night and has been working up to more and more - she still will drop down and crawl if she wants to get there fast but she is really loving her new talent!

We already have the snow but we still need to get a tree (if we are going to this year), get out decorations and put them up, and take some time to enjoy the season! We are planning on taking the little one to a light display to see what she thinks and sometime she will have to try out her snow suit and baby sled!

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  1. congrats on Evie walking, little Guy is 11.5mths and still working up to that. did you get that pants idea from Sew Mama Sew?