Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Exchange

I received a package from my Holiday Exchange partner this week. It arrived all the way from Norway! It contained a recipe for gingerbread cookies with a few samples (that were injured in the journey), a beatiful felted heart ornament, some chocolate (yum!)

Then I sent off a package containing a clay joy ornament, some fingerless gloves made from a felted sweater that I added an embroidered edge to, a felt crayon roll for her son with his initial, two of my fave recipes, some fun paper wreath ornaments and a favorite Christmas tradition memory. I wrapped it all up in an envelope that I made from recycled wallpaper from an expired wallpaper book - you can go to your local Sherwin Williams paint store and ask them for their expired wallpaper order books, they just throw them away when they are expired unless someone wants them for crafts etc.

1 comment:

  1. how neat!

    did you sew the edges of the envelope? it looks like it - i love that idea - i'll be running down to sherwin-williams to ask for old wallpaper books!

    merry christmas!