Thursday, November 24, 2011


What is Thanksgiving?

I would guess that the first images that pop in your head would have to do with turkeys, pumpkins, lots of food, family gatherings, maybe football (if you are like my husband!)... but what does it really mean? Why do we celebrate it? It is so hard sometimes to focus on the intended meaning behind many holidays here in the United States. With all the materialism and media influence over time, things seem to shift WAY off course.

according to,

Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated as a day of feasting and giving thanks for divine favors or goodness, observed on the fourth Thursday of November in the U.S. and in Canada on the second Monday of October.

thanks·giv·ing [thangks-giv-ing]

1. the act of giving thanks; grateful acknowledgment of benefits or favors, especially to God.
2. an expression of thanks, especially to God.
3. a public celebration in acknowledgment of divine favor or kindness.
4. a day set apart for giving thanks to God.
5. ( initial capital letter ) Thanksgiving Day.

We've got the "day of feasting" part down, no question there! But what about the "giving thanks"? I know I could be better at it. I am a Christian and so I believe that every good thing comes from God...

I am so thankful for...

He is the reason, for everything good in my life

My Husband
my best friend and #1 cheerleader

My amazing daughter, Evie
she is the best teacher God has given me
and filled with so much love it never
ceases to amaze me!

My family

My church
Especially my women's group (Titus2)
these girls are such an amazing support group

There are so many other things that I am truly thankful for! I pray that you would be reminded of all the blessings in your life today and every day!

There is always at least one thing to be thankful for every day!

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