Sunday, November 20, 2011

First real snow of the year!

Imagine our wondering eyes November 9th when we woke up to over 3 inches of lovely white! Evie exclaimed "SNOW! Snow, snow, snow... YAY winter!"
We hurried through our breakfast but by the time we got outside it had warmed up so much that it was pretty sloshy but she REALLY wanted to build a snowman. So, I thought 'why not THREE snowmen?' A little family :) She thought it was great! Carrot stick noses, stick arms and black beans for eyes and mouths!
 A line of snow angels
 Got the jeep stuck... didn't have snow tires on yet ;)
 By later that day the family had thinned up a lot and didn't take long to disappear after that... but they'll be back, the next time it snows!

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