Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Camo isn't just for boys!

Am I the only person who has a habit of starting a project meant for a gift and then not always getting it completed, thus leaving me with cut out pieces of various things that I have to try to find new homes for? Well, this happened out of one of those projects. I don't even remember who the original recipient was anymore. It had been for a new baby boy though, so after a certain point the size 0-3 month pants and hat were no longer going to work. I started with digital camouflage fleece cut out for an infant hat and pants, then I had an idea to turn it into an outfit for my new niece (whose oldest brother is a HUGE camo fan).

I sewed up the pants and hat. Added a black fleece flower on the hat and black fleece "ruffle" on the bottom of the pants, to make them girly. Then I moved on to the onsie...

I cut out a freezer stencil for military id tags and mixed up some fabric paints to come up with a shiny metal look for the front tag (turned out PERFECT) and an avocado green for the back tag.

Then for the chain, I used the back of one of my small paint brushes as a stamp for the ball part and then a teeny tiny brush to make the thin connections. I folded up the neckline so the chain disappears underneath. Viola!
Then, originally had the idea to use some tiny typewriter font letter stamps I had but I couldn't get the paint to transfer right so I had to freehand the lettering. I put her first and middle name on line 1, birthday on line 2 and then line 3 is the work "destined" in Hebrew, which is the spiritual connotation for the name Kenzie.
 Ta-da! In this picture the hat kind of looks like one of those bucket helmets (probably not what they are really called).

 I have also been tinkering around with homemade labels...

Fun, no?! Yes!

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