Monday, November 21, 2011

More Freezer Stencil Shirts (I'm addicted!)

Sorry this has taken me so long to get out here! I had the pictures of these shirts started a long time ago but I couldn't show them until the recipients actually GOT them! We had a new niece born at the end of September and I had gotten a bunch of clothes to send out to my sister in law for her but they also have two older boys age 6 and 3 so I wanted to be able to include something for them in the box too without it being to heavy. So, I came up with these shirts! I was just going to put their first initial on them but after some thought decided to add the rest of the name in smaller letters.

The oldest nephew's was easy to come up with. He LOVES camouflage, I think he would be content if his entire wardrobe consisted of nothing else! So, I used the "stencil" font and then I hand painted the design. I was really happy about how it turned out. Except, I did find that when painting in a larger area on knit fabric the fabric will stretch a little and end up not as flat and even. I tried to fix this by putting paper over top and ironing it to coax it back into place and ended up with a very slight wave in the I which may go away (or get worse I suppose) after washing.

 The next was a lot harder. I had planned on just making them unique to each child by the paint within the stencil boarders only, no extra designs. Judah loves green, so I started with that but then got stuck... I just couldn't come up with anything I thought he would like much and didn't want him to feel like Isaiah's was "cooler". I put his on hold and worked on baby girl's then when I came back to it the only thing I wanted to do was have it yellow instead of green.... well I tested the cover up of yellow over green on my fancy paint palette and as you can see, not so great. Then I decided to test a "primer" of the cream color and it seemed to block it out so I started layering.

 Cream and then the bright yellow.
 And this is what I came up with for the construction vehicle lover :) SO much for my original plan *sigh* I'm learning to be flexible though.

Then my favorite font for girly letters is the "curlz". So, I did purple and then finished it with a glitter topcoat (which you can't see very well here) but believe you me, it was ADORABLE!

Don't believe me? You will after this picture!  

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