Saturday, May 2, 2009

Gardening with Grandma

A week ago Friday Evie and I went back to my parents' to help clean out my grandmother's house that had passed away because after a year on the market it finally sold (yay!) We got there Friday afternoon and when my mom got home from work we "helped" her in the garden :) Evie is so funny about getting her hands dirty. Usually if she gets dirt or something on them she will hold them up to you like she is saying "yuck, would you please get this off of me". When we started out in the dirt she stayed at the edge of the garden and kind of picked at the dirt with a hand rake, then a few times she urgently showed me her dirty hands, but by the end of the experience she was all in and we went straight inside to the bathtub at the end!

In the wheelbarrow, I took her all around the yard in this and she thought it was great! What a fun new mode of transportation!

dumping her snacks out, you can see the soon to be yummy rhubarb patch to the left of her

helping put the potatoes in, that is my mommy way at the other end

using the hand rake to help plant potatoes (this was before she was all in)

starting to get curious

a little bit further in the dirt
following grandma out into the midst of it all

doing her own thing while grandma puts in the tomatoes

She is so funny, she just loves to help and be a part of whatever we are doing. I look forward to seeing how she will grow in that as she becomes more able to participate fully in different activities.

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