Thursday, May 7, 2009

First Smoothie is a hit!

Okay, so I wasn't even planning on sharing but you know how it goes when you are having something... the little ones want to try it too. So I thought since all that is in this smoothie is orange juice and strawberries, why not? We started with her sitting on my lap for just a taste. She sipped through the straw and to my surprise it all stayed in her mouth (she is a water dribbler by nature). Then I used the end of the straw like a spoon to give her some and that was the end of it... she then wanted to grab the straw and mix the smoothie around and eat it off the end of the straw, which she did really well amazingly enough! I decided for the safety of my clothing and hers too that we would just get back in the highchair so she could be independent and do it herself. Oh and all the while she kept making yummy noises - I love it!

This is where we were pretty much done :) but it was fun all the same!

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