Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Birthday/Mother's Day to me!

So, my husband with the help of birthday money from his parents and my parents and grandma (plus my Christmas money I had been hoarding for some reason still - oh, anyone who knows me would attest that I don't spend money well, unless it is at garage sales but that is for another post) told me earlier this week that my gift for both my birthday which was May 4 and Mothers' Day I was getting a serger! *yay*

Now at first I did freak out because they are expensive, but then after I figured out that I had enough money saved up from the afore mentioned that my husband was only going to spend a max of $50 depending on which one I chose... which brings me to the next part.

Which one should I choose? Part of the money is in the form of a gift card for Hancock Fabrics so that is where I will get it from. Now there is a sale on a couple of the sergers until May 27th. I would appreciate any input.

1. Janome 9102D Serger

2. Juno Serger Machine by Janome 3434D


  1. hey bonnie!

    i don't know anything about sergers - except that i want one someday!

    it is so good to see you posting on here! i love seeing your little girl and hearing bits about your life.

    it is raining here today - so i think i shall do some sewing.

    i hope you have a lovely day!

  2. hey Bonnie,

    I have one that is quite similar to your top option there. And without reading the instructions or taking lessons I was able to make it do a few things. So if that is any indication of usability - then I'd go with the top one.