Saturday, May 23, 2009

Evie's first trip to the zoo!

Evie going down the slide at the kids area in the zoo... her new method is sliding on her belly. I had to keep the little boy at the top from sliding into her.
Beautiful blue bird, he(?) was looking a bit threatened
She wanted to hug the giraffes
Pointing at the BIG kitty aka tiger
messing up her cousin Judah's hat
BIG bird
not sure what to think about the llamas
look at the giant turtles
excited even to see the birds


  1. the sliding picture made me smile. that's how both my kiddos started sliding - feet first on their tummies - it's very safe!

    looks like you had a very fun visit to the zoo. :)

  2. Hey Bonnie,
    Little Guy went to the zoo with his daycare mum the other day, he was running around hugging the kangaroos! The zoo keepers had to warn them to watch him as a kangaroo had kicked a kid a couple of days earlier!

    Glad to see there were Emus at your zoo!