Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lawn and Garden Show and Eco Friendly Jewelry

We have so many different projects that we have had on one "to do" list or another for a few years now. Things like getting quotes for fences and a patio and FINALLY putting river rock in the landscaping around our house. So as we were talking about it after breakfast, I made a comment that I wish there was a home show so we could go and then get a "home show" discount. Come to find out... the Lawn and Garden Show was going on down in Des Moines at the fair grounds. So, we pack up and head out.

As, we were walking to the building, Evie points to a building sign and says, "there it is, is says FA-lau-EHRS. Flowers." Um, no, it says 'Des Moines Register'. She has been so funny lately, sounding out letter sounds in words. On the way into the parking lot we have this conversation,

Evie: "L starts with slide" (she says it backwards, so cute!),
Me: "No, slide does not start with L, it starts with the letter that says SSSSSSSS. Do you know what letter says, ssssss?"
E: "Snake, says ssssss."
Me: "Yes, but what letter is that?"
E: "S"
Me: "YES!"(almost jumping in my seat) Then we went through L, I, and D, and she got them all! Then I wasn't sure how to prompt her for the E at the end and the little smartypants says all of a sudden, "Is there any thing more?" Like she knew that there was another letter... anyways, I thought it was really neat to see her get it! I LOVE it!

There was only one fence place and one place that did patios... it seemed a lot smaller than normal and there were a few really unexpected vendors there. One that was pretty neat was Terra Natural Designs, this is a newer website and so is still in development. The old website that has a lot more pictures is here. The beads of the necklace are made from hard seeds found in the Amazon called Tagua or Vegetable Ivory. It is a renewable natural material that they sand and polish and can also color using natural plant pigments.
The green necklace/earring set below I got for half price (gotta love a great deal) and the little brown beads are acai seeds. The necklace can be worn long or doubled...
Then, we had a weak moment and Evie got to pick out a bracelet to get... and she picked the one below. She loves it. I think it looks like little carrot pieces.
Another necklace style I really liked is shown here.

SO, to recap... not a lot of landscaping progress, BUT, I got some awesome jewelry!

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