Friday, March 18, 2011

Day of Green!

So, I thought we would check out the St. Patty's Day parade in downtown Des Moines this year. So after we donned our green (Stinky Baby too), we headed down to find a spot.
 This was our little photo shoot to get a pic of her green...

 We got there not quite half an hour early and it was packed! We managed to squeeze in behind some super nice people who let Evie sit next to them on the curb and me sit behind her in one of their chairs!
 Hanging out, waiting for it to begin. Note how everyone is gathered nicely at the curb... just wait.
 Moving out a bit and being surrounded by bigger kids.
 Now the grandmas move in too. They actually brought their grandkids up and then stood right in front of Evie who at the time was still hanging back by the curb. I let her venture up for a while...
 The madness continues. No, the parade is not over, these people are just migrating further and further into the street. They were all the way to the center line and still creeping - parade drivers tried with no avail to move them back quite a few times...
 Still, during the parade...
When it started getting out of control, I brought her back to the curb and she had a snack, then I put her on my shoulders for a while before we took off early. I don't think we will venture to this parade again. We will stick to our Ankeny Summerfest parade and small home town 4th of July parades where she can actually see what is happening!

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