Monday, March 14, 2011

In Between Seasons!

March 1st was beautiful! Then on the 2nd we decided to go find some ducks/geese to feed. It was SO COLD that day. We should have gone on the 1st! Evie loved it though because they came right up to her since I was standing back taking pictures!
These guys look cold! She kept asking me which were the girl ducks and which were the boys. We will see if she remembers next time...
Then the next week (March 8) it was cold and rainy during the day. E talked Daddy into going outside with her so she could play in the rain and puddles! That girl would go outside in any kind of weather :)
This was later that night... yep, snow! Ha ha!
So we went out and made a snowman the next morning... our first (and probably last) of the season. It seems that the snow had been too dry every other time we played outside this winter so we could never build a snowman. The scarf and gloves were in our family stocking from my mom (she always thinks of fun stuff like that) and the eyes, mouth and buttons are actual charcoal that was from our firebowl, and of course the nose was a carrot!
Had to give him a hug before going inside...
I warned E ahead of time that it was going to be nice the next couple of days so the snowman would start melting and go away. This was day 2...
And day 3, it was windy.
This whole week it is supposed to be around 50 to 60 degrees so I am hoping to get to the zoo one day and play outside too! We are looking forward to spring getting here!

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