Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring is in the Air!

This past week we had some absolutely beautiful weather! It was in the 70s and even got to the high 80s by Thursday. It has been a bit cooler the past couple of days but I am hoping for a little warmer for Easter Sunday dresses :)
The first day out and about... Evie was practicing pedaling her trike (she did really well backwards but forward was harder), she mowed the driveway, did sidewalk chalk, and drug her pool out from under the back deck all the way around the house.

our lovely driveway art

walking on the trail near our house after dinner on the hot day
the geese by the trail keeping an eye on us
a great picture of mommy and Evie taken by Daddy :) dancing in the water on the deck

precious little footprints... how is it possible to love her more because of this?

a beautiful sunset

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