Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Weekend #1 March 27-28

So being that there are 4 "kids" (I use this term lightly since the youngest will be 29 this year) in my family plus 3 spouses and 2 grandkids we don't always get together for holidays on the actual holiday. I guess you could say we have our own version of "insert name of holiday" observed :) So on my side of the family we celebrated Easter together the weekend before Easter complete with egg hunts for the little kids and the big kids!

As a small side story that you might need for history on our Easter gatherings... I'm pretty sure there was a period of time during which we didn't really do egg hunts but then as we got to college age (and by we I mean most of the 4 of us at one time since there is only 5 years from the oldest to youngest) my mom started doing egg hunts with quarters in the eggs for laundry money. I tell you, that woman has the ability to hide those little plastic eggs in the middle of the yard and you can't find them... there was many a year that the last egg or two went missing until a later date and then would be mailed with contents intact to the intended recipient. There also has been a nickname of full contact egg hunt placed on the event as well after one year two grown women in Easter dresses wrestled in the grass over an egg.
Anyways back to the present... so this year the granddaughters are 2 and 18 months so they were able to fully participate for the first time. My mom went all out and got them each 6 GIGANTIC (just look at the pictures) eggs to find that were filled with everything from a stuffed animal to pom poms and play jewelry. Evie had so much fun with her egg hunt that later she helped the big kids with theirs! She also loved her Easter basket that contained a spring hat, rain boots and some healthy snacks (no candy for this one yet), window stickies, coloring books and puppy/kitty stickers and magnets. Then the "kids" (and by kids I mean myself and my siblings and spouses) finished off the day with a trip to the historic BP movie theatre that has both a balcony and an opera pit - yeah this is old school - to see How to Train Your Dragon. I don't think I will ever feel like an adult when we go back to my parents'.... is that how it is for everyone?
Oh, and sorry but somehow I didn't get any pictures of the big kid egg hunt. Too busy hunting I guess.

Heading out to hunt some eggs.
You sure can't miss those bad boys!
Checking out the loot :)
wearing a few of the items from her Easter basket... the hat, the necklace and the boots :)
seriously this is like a flash forward to when they are 80! Little Violet and Evelyn in their Sunday hats :)
putting up the window stickies from her Easter basket afte we got home. She really put all of them up like that, I was just handing them to her. I know... I was as amazed as you!

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