Wednesday, July 29, 2009

T-shirt skibbies

Tonight I tried making a pair of undies from one of my hubby's t-shirts using a fave pair for the pattern. This is the before pic...
This is the front after... I ended up cutting too close to the words and so the elastic waist is not like it should be... also the pair I used for the pattern have a bit of spandex in them so the fit is different with the ones I made from a 100% cotton tee... we will see after I wear them a couple times.
This is the back view. I didn't use any elastic around the legs for this try, depending on the material for future pairs I may or may not. It was really a pretty simple project, the longest part was when I had to refill my black thread bobbin on the second leg (I found out it was empty after "sewing" about 2/3 of the way around it... if I hadn't been using bright yellow for the spool thread I probably wouldn't have noticed it until I was all the way around - oh well, minor set back).

Anyways, it was a pretty crafty day all around, I spent from about 10:30 this morning till around 3pm working on quilts with a gal from church who is teaching me, then did the tshirt refashion tonight. Yay me!
Just a note that next time I will try to find a shirt with a bit more stretch or rethink my elastic or style of skibs.

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