Sunday, July 5, 2009

Matching Dresses

I was wanting to make something fefstive for Evie to wear for the 4th of July celebrations this year and had gone back and forth about different ideas like doing a red white and blue tutu, or recycled t-shirt into skirt... then I saw this easy peasy dress tutorial over at Lil Blue Boo and thought hey I can do that... I added elastic in the back of the top part of the dress and made it a little bigger and then I shrunk it down and made a matching dress for her baby as well. It ended up a little longer than I wanted because I was not able to get my model to sit still long enough to measure well or try it on before we left for my parents'. It was chilly and rainy almost all day on the 4th though so she was wearing it only for the parade :( You will have to forgive me for the pics, she doesn't hold still very long! Those were the best I could do!

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