Friday, March 27, 2009

Rock Star

This is the outfit that I made for a friend's little girl when she turned 1. They are fun rocker types so when I found this hot pink and black flame cotton fabric I thought it was perfect! I already knew I wanted to do a guitar applique. I also decided to do goucho pants... I was going back and forth with pants or a skirt and the pants won.
I am hoping to do some t-shirt repurposing crafts soon. I picked up the book Generation T at my local library and although the majority of the crafts are rather punk 80's Joan Jett looking there are some great ideas. They are all for adult sizes but I think it should be relatively simple to size them down for Evie and friends as well.
I have to go now, the little girl is awake in her bed strumming her lips and talking to herself... short is the window before she gets impatient when no one comes :) Love her!

This is a pic of the little girl wearing the outfit - her mom took it but she was not happy about it!


  1. what a cute outfit! i think the gauchos were an excellent choice with the guitar applique. would love to see a pic of the little lady wearing them!

    i always love reading your little updates. i look forward to the next one. *smile*

    p.s. what size is Evie wearing now?

  2. i love the birthday girl's mad little face. :)

    i hope all is well with you and that you've just been busy with regular life and celebrations. i miss your little notes.

    have a lovely night!