Monday, October 24, 2011

1 Drape to 3 Drapes

Last summer, we repainted our master bathroom and a few other areas in our house. We had had mini blinds on the window in there since I replaced the towels I hung up when we first moved in and so I got rid of them because really they are not the best coverage for a room that you are naked in. Anyhow, after it was repainted I got a tension rod to put inside the frame and stuck this brown curtain panel in there "temporarily". I forgot to get a before picture because I have been meaning to cut and hem this curtain for over a year now so once I decided to do it, I just got going! To give you and idea of how long the curtain was before, the top section in this picture is for my bathroom. We had installed a towel bar below the window and instead of holding our towels, it was holding the train from the curtain.
I basically, measured the height inside the window frame and added a generous seam allowance. Then because the lining material is so slippery, I folded up the bottom, pinned and stitched and then did it again.

I also had to make a pleat in the center of the lining because it was not the same width as the main fabric. I suppose this didn't matter because on the original panel the two fabrics were only joined at the top and down the sides, not at the bottom.

Pretty nice, eh?

Next, I used the remaining length of curtain and split it into 2 pieces for our small basement windows that have been in need of coverings too (especially one that is in our basement bathroom). We also used the tension rods for those windows so that the curtains are contained in the frame.

For the top casing, I made it a little longer and then stitched a line through about an inch from the top so it would ruffle above the rod.
This also made it so it didn't have to be shoved all the way to the top of the frame to cover the whole window. Doesn't it look cute?

For the bathroom, fold sew repeat ;) and done!

 So nice to have that crossed off my to do list FINALLY!

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