Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What's going on around here?

The Friday before Mother's Day, I got to go spend some time with my mom while Evie and D went fishing (her first time!) Doesn't she make an adorable little fisher? Say yes :) She got her princess pink fishing pole from Uncle Drew for her birthday in February so we used it for Harley (our cat) fishing till now!

 Apparently there were A LOT of rocks tossed in the water while there... I have heard that is a good way to get fish to bite ;) D texted me at one time to tell me that Evie said "Daddy, I want to go where the fishies like us" when they weren't getting any bites!
 (this picture was from a later date, taken at a pond by our house. D got a fish on the line and let Evie reel it in. BIG 6 inch bass haha)

Anyhow, back to my day with my mom. We had been planning it for a little while but it happened that her Uncle Samuel passed away two days before so we did a little gardening in my mom's garden and then traveled to Amish/Mennonite country to go to the visitation and spend some time with that part of the family (Uncle Samuel was my grandpa's sister's husband...) I actually got to take Evie to see my Mennonite relatives last May. Samuel played the harmonica for us and Evie was a hit as usual :) In the pic below Samuel is the guy at the far end of the table opposite the gal in the bright blue shirt.
This is my mom's cousin Dan (Samuel's son - I think there are 9 kids all together!) Evie had been eying his pedal tractor when we toured the house so he got it out for her to ride around :) His wife is Edie... LOVE her!
Then of course before we left, Evie had to give the big Andy doll a hug and kiss :)
As soon as you get close, you start seeing lots of these. We met some awesome Amish folks and I had a lot of fun talking with extended family that I don't see often.
 I saw this sign as we were leaving the area... had to take a picture :)
 Then a couple weekends ago we had our friend Matt and his son Dawson over for supper. Dawson is 3 months older than Evie and so they have been buddies as long as they remember!
 This is Dawson and Evie 2 days after she was born... on Valentine's Day 2008! Neither was very happy about being put down so we could take a picture of how much bigger 3 month old Dawson was than peanut Evie :)
 And, I had to throw in a picture of our kookie cat Harley Davidson (named for his rumbling purr he had even as a fist sized kitten) He often sleeps on his back like this and when its too bright he covers his face with his paw... for dramatic effect I believe!
 This is Evie's new set of wheels. A craigslist find of mine since I refused to pay almost $300 for one... she has had it for about a week now and I have to say that her driving has improved exponetially. When we first got it she ran into one of our baby evergreen trees around the house, backed into my peony bush, and NEVER looked in the direction she was going... but ALWAYS had a huge smile on her face! She now is quite good at backing it out of the garage without hitting anything and pulls in back into the garage to her temporary parking spot while D can't get past our pile of landscaping rocks... at full speed!
 This was a really fun night. I was working on the yard and Evie and D got out the chalk. He started by tracing around her which she loves - she has always been a fan of "draw my hand" on paper, so lifesize was even better. She is the little upside down outline next to where she is standing in the pic, then she had D lay down and he is the blobby on the right side of the drive right next to her. When she drew his eyes she told him "Daddy, you have the biggest eyes in the west!" I think that was a compliment :) Then I was beckoned from my yardwork and became the even bigger blobby on the left (that will teach me to be in snow angel pose)! She was getting ready to add Stinky Baby to the blob family as the pic was taken.
 This is my favorite! Because I am a girl, I get eyelashes. Just check out those long lashes!
Hmmmm, just realizing that I don't have any of our Memorial Day pics on here yet... I will try to remedy that!

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