Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Weekend

I think this was the first Memorial Day weekend in quite a while that we didn't have some sort of travel plans. So we just took it a day at a time and spent some good time together a a family and even with our neighbors.

We had to stop while we were out running around to watch a goose family having an afternoon snack. If you haven't heard before, Evie is completely obsessed with families of all sorts. Animals, people, rocks, I cringe to say it, but also her poops... yes, even those get titled as "mommy", "baby", or "daddy" based on size. She wants EVERYTHING to have a mommy, daddy and at least one baby.
 Moving on... Saturday night, we (meaning D) lugged our firebowl to the grass circle in the middle of the cul de sac beside our house. We started at around 7 ish I think with us, and our neighbors with 4 boys 5, 4, 3, and 1 year old. Evie calls them "the kids". "Mom, the kids are outside. I want to go play with the kids." You get the picture :) Then as the night progresses most of the neighbors in that circle were sitting out with us. They roasted marshmallows and were offering some to Evie (who I had told that they had too much sugar for her) so she boldly replies, "No thanks, THEY HAVE TOO MUCH SUGAR." Hello, mortified mom. But, she didn't even whine a little bit about it, she just went on the same as she had. Sooooo, I remembered I had the fixin's for gluten free, no high fructose corn sugar or artificial stuff, smores. These are made with gf graham crackers, ricemallow, and vegan chocolate chips. She was in heaven! Great first smores experience for her (and me)!
 Here she is with "the biggest kid" aka Atticus :) He is her fave because he interacts with her the most and likes hugs, which she attempts to bestow on all her friends. After it became rediculously late for the kiddos, most had trickled in to bed, but Evie was of course still trying to be social. It was after midnight when she got to bed and we had just left the firebowl with the neighbors who were still up.
 The next day we all took naps after church... Evie was yawning on the way to church. Then we decided to have a fire in our driveway instead so it wouldn't go quite so late. This time, we got the grill out too and did some hotdogs (we love Applegate Farms all beef and Trader Joes mini all beef hotdogs are a favorite of Evie's) and had chips and "the kids'" mom Ruthie made some guacamole, yum! It was a much earlier night to bed, though still late. I was very glad that we had Monday to recuperate some before D had to go back to work.

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