Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's the Final Countdown... da na na nah, da na na na nah (you get the idea)

D is a big Rocky fan, so every once in a while I find one of the tunes traveling through my head. This time, it jumped in there when I was thinking about our current countdown.... TO THE BAHAMAS! Okay, so if it weren't for my Evie, I would be 100% all in excited, but, as it were, I do have a slight reservation about leaving her and traveling so far away for a week. But, that is another story. Right now, I am focusing on the time I have remaining to try to lose the remaining baby weight (oh yeah, thats right, from going on 3 years ago... blegh) plus some extra that I managed to pack on as well. We have roughly 3 months.

Let me back up for a second to fill you in on what it is I am even talking about. D works for a company that rewards its managers with incentives like bonuses for sales goals reached and exceeded and when they exceed by said amount they can win trips. After a really rough year in 2009 with no income from me since it was my first full year as a SAHM, and zero bonus for D, he had an awesome year in 2010 and won the trip, which is to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. He actually won a trip to the same place for sales in 2007 but we didn't get to go because the trip was 2 months after Evie was born and of course they wouldn't let us take her. So instead they gave D "points" to pick out some merchandise.

So, here we are 3 months till D expects me to wear skimpy bikinis on the beach :) So, starting this week, I am pulling out the big guns for working out! It had been a long time since I was working out regularly so this week I started with my old faithful... my Tae Bo Live Advanced workouts on VHS (the reason we still have a vcr). I forgot how good they were, I was pretty sore the day after my first workout and am still feeling it. Evie has been really cute too, she does the stretching part of the workout and will jump in and "adjust my form" :) My plan is to start my Insanity workouts again on Monday and I also ordered the Zumba xbox 360 kinect game workout. A lot of reviews talk about how fun it is and that it also is a great workout and you see results pretty quick. I had been wanting to get it to try anyways and thought it would be a good addition to my regular workouts. I am going to see how things progress over the next few weeks and go from there. I will keep you posted on the other workouts.
I knew I had to really keep the reigns on my diet too but wasn't sure how I was going to that. I had always done Weight Watchers Points but after changing to eating more natural and organic, it had gotten too time consuming and complicated (which is partly why I haven't gotten motivated enough to lose the weight). That one actually was solved by D, he found an app on our phones that you put your current weight, goal weight, pounds you want to lose per week and it gives you your net calories for each day. It also has a food and exercise "diary" that you imput what you eat and your workout and it imputs the calories used or burned. Seriously, SOOOO easy! It has made a big difference! (The app is MyFitnessPal and can also be accessed online here so check it out!)

SO, there it is. And now, I need to go to bed. Hope you have a great night... oh, and if you didn't see my previous post, go check out the mom jeans post. SOOOOO funny!

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