Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Catching Up!

Since I haven't posted for a while, I thought that I would share some pictures and tell you some of the stuff we have been up to!
Beautiful "sun dogs" we saw on our way back from my parents over New Years.

This is an overview of some sewing I did for my husband's sister and her boys.

for our nephew Judah who is into "boy stuff"

for our nephew Isaiah who is really into army/camoflage, the little green army men were from when my dad was a kid! Can you tell which army man is the applique?

the scarf in the front is for my sis in law - the tutorial is here over at the Living with Punks blog

I made two of these Leila and Ben Little Caps for Judah and Isaiah. The outside I upcycled from a pair of D's ripped corderoy pants and the plaid is material from a shirt that belonged to their great grandpa - I also used it here.

crazy pig tails :)

D had a 4 day work trip last week and we went to my parents... this was Evie and her posse including pillow pet puppy, baby leopard, veloceraptor, lego duplo pony aka 'baby horsey', stinky baby, and jersey the baby cow :) LOVE IT! They were all watching Toy Story 2 ("Toy Story is my favorite")
 D had also won 2 passes to Winter Jam but was going to be gone so I left Evie with my parents and my sister and I went. It was AWESOME! And I left sponsoring an orphan Korean baby girl in Evie's name :) She is sooooo cute! Go here to get more information if you would like to possibly sponsor a child waiting to be placed with a forever family. The guest speaker at the event was Tony Nolan and he has an amazing testimony. I received a copy of his book Hurt Healer when I signed up to sponsor that baby girl and can't wait to read it!

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