Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Cute baby gift set from tie dyed t-shirt

I actually started this project back in.... hmmm, I don't remember when. I'm pretty sure it was last winter... or fall... sometime. Anywho, I had come across this cute tutorial for refasioning a t-shirt into a newborn baby gown at This Mama Makes Stuff (go check out her blog - she is really talented and a really neat gal!). Okay, so I mostly had the gown completed (just sans elastic) and then hung it with all my onsies and toddler t-shirts waiting for some embellishment.... and it just hung there. Fast forward to this fall... my friend Katrina (her blog is Pics, Pages, & Purls) was due at the end of October with a little girl, so in my quest to make her a unique baby gift I brought out that gown in waiting.

since I used the existing hem on the t-shirt I couldn't just thread elastic through the bottom so I decided to give shirring a whack and this is what I came up with (btw I would never have figured it out if I hadn't found a shirring how-to specifically for drop in bobbins on newer machines here)

shirred the sleeves too

the newborn cap was made from one of the t-shirt sleeves so I could use the existing hem again :) I just traced a hat I had on hand and serged it up - then I made a fabric flower and hand sewed it on
*to make the flower I just used a scrap of t-shirt that I twisted and handstitched together as I wound it in a circle

these mittens were actually my second attempt, the first ones I tried using 1/8 in elastic and somehow they just didn't work and were way too big, the shirring worked much better
then I made a bigger twisted fabric flower and sewed a safety pin to the back for a removeable fabric flower

baby Aspen modeling the cap

Evie "holding" baby Aspen - I can't believe that Evie was that small (well a couple inches longer and a few ounces more)

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  1. I got a pic of her in the whole outfit...however I haven't downloaded it yet...BUT you will get tagged and credited for the outfit. LOVED it!