Tuesday, October 19, 2010

What's going on here?

Right now, D is at an interview for a manager position at a different/bigger store than he is currently at. He REALLY wants this job... we have just been praying that God will guide the outcome whether it means a yes or no.

And, our laptop died for a couple weeks and then mysteriously revived... but is not expected to live much longer and Evie dropped our smaller fuji camera and now the lcd screen doesn't work :(

I have been working on a baby gift that I can't show you in case the recipient looks here, but will post pics as soon as it has been gifted! I have a sewing goal to go through and complete the projects I have that are cut out and in some cases even partially sewed. I think there are a couple appliqued onsies, some fleece baby pants and matching hat, some fleece mittens and ear warmer(?), a purse/bag, a skirt for me, a pillowcase dress, even a cloth fitted diaper from tshirts. Some have been on the back burner so long that I don't know what I will do with them when I finish them. Maybe a giveaway :) I also need to "pay up" on my pay it forward that is now almost a year late! I think the main challenge keeping me from getting that done is my fear of not making something good enough for the recipient. Especially when she is so crafty herself! Then there are a few belated birthday gifts to do as well...

Its also getting to that time of year when I try to go through all of our clothes and books and "stuff" and sort into throw away, put away (organize), and give away. Then get everything listed out and taken to a donation site. I have done some research to try to find something that maybe has more impact on the truly needy than Goodwill and found Hope Ministries. They have a thrift store that the proceeds fund their ministry and they use donated clothing in a free clothes closet. So I think that is where I will take them this year.

Going along with donations is volunteering. We have been talking about doing a Christmas time adopt a child or family to give gifts to that wouldn't normally get anything. There are opportunities all over the place for that. I have found some at the United Way volunteer opportunities web listing for my area.

Anyhow, I started this before lunch and it is now almost 4. Just one of those everything takes longer than expected, not getting out of jammies, barely getting anything done type days.

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