Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ta-Da! A finished project!

I made this for sweet baby Roewyn. Her momma did was not at a place in her life where she was expecting or ready to become a mother and her family desperately wanted her to give her baby up for adoption but she couldn't do it so she had nothing. She was taken in just before she gave birth by a friend of mine (her sister is married to the new mommy's brother) and she sent out a message asking us to rally around this girl and help her in any way we could. She has gotten so much support it is amazing! Amongst the hand me downs I wanted her to have something special that was made with love just for her, so I whipped up these cloth rings and appliqued onsie. The rings are pretty easy to figure out and you can just use scraps but if you need a tutorial, Make It and Love It already has a great one made up so no need to try to put my crazy newbie sewing skills down :), she has good instructions and pictures too!

Next on the dockett? A super cute little cap for my Evie that The Train to Crazy did a sew along for. Seriously? Cute! I am pretty excited about the fabric I chose for it!

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  1. SO adorable!!! So glad that people have rallied around this new mommy! Hope you have a blessed weekend!