Sunday, October 10, 2010

Such a big girl! *said with happy mommy tears*

This weekend D and I finally got to go out for our anniversary! The tradition since Evie was born has been for Grandpa and Grandma to come spend the day with her on a Saturday while we go eat at Ohana's (a japanese hibachi restaurant with AMAZING scallops... its all in the sauce) and do a movie or shopping or whatever. This year we thought we would try having Evie do her first sleepover away from us at their house instead. We told her on Tuesday last week and she wanted to go NOW! Every day she asked if grandpa and grandma were going to come get her and I tried to explain how many more days it would be etc. and also tried to make sure she understood that mommy and daddy were not going to be there, just Evie and grandma and grandpa... she seemed to get it. The whole time we were all wondering how she would do since this was the first time. She even got a special little "Evie size" princess backpack to take with her! Grandma was totally prepared with all kinds of healthy food and snacks for her since we are pretty particular what we feed her still. When the day finally came and they were there to pick her up, she followed daddy out to put in the car seat and climbed into it while everyone else was still in the house. She didn't get back out of it. She gave us both hugs and smootches and waved and yelled BYE! as they pulled out... it kind of made me sad that she was so willing to leave us behind :( but I asked myself "wasn't that what we wanted? to raise a happy, secure child who is not worried about separation because we have shown her that we will always come for her etc?", yes. She did amazing and we got to concentrate on being a couple for a day and a half. When we went to pick her up Sunday afternoon, she was happy to see us but still enjoying her time with grandpa and grandma. We got her ready to go and stayed for a while knowing that since she hadn't napped she would probably fall asleep on the ride home and didn't want it to be too early so she woke up and couldn't get back to sleep till really late. We left around 6pm and poor girl zonked out about 6:30 while chewing a pecan! It has now gotten pretty late and I should be heading to bed so I am not a zombie when she wakes up super duper early! We left g&g's house with the understanding on all sides that this was a complete success and it would be done again soon... and will be good practice for if D wins a trip to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas for work that would be next spring :)

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