Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ha Ha! I did it!

You are probably wondering why I am so excited... well, its because I just finished my first project for Evie in a while, and it was my first e-pattern that I purchased here after seeing it here. I made it take waaaaaaay longer than it should have, just because I hemmed and hawwed about it since I was unsure of the results, but it turned out REALLY CUTE! Now I just have to do a fitting on my model (who had gone to bed before I completed it)!
Its great because the pattern calls for 2 fat quarters worth of fabric, one for the outside and one for the lining.

I had just enough of this cute dark brown corduroy left for my first try! I will take some better pics in the daylight tomorrow and with Evie modeling it too. The whole time I was working on it today she kept peeking over the back of the couch at me excitedly asking "what are you making me mommy?!" Hopefully she will be as enthusiastic about it when I try to get her to model it for me :)

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