Friday, October 1, 2010

Evie's first actual drawing!

Evie is always doing something and she loves to draw and color and paint and TRY. She is so determined but will sometimes get frustrsted because she can't get her hand to do what her mind wants it to. I just keep reminding her that if she keeps trying she WILL get better!
Earlier today, we were driving and she was using her "drawing board" (magna doodle) and all of a sudden she says "its a piggy!" and turns around this amazing drawing! Now I know that it has probably a lot, or even everything to do with being her mom but both D and I were so excited to see that she had pieced this creation together.

I asked her where his nose was if he was a piggy and she pointed to a spot down below the two circles that look like eyes and I said, there's nothing there! So she turned it back around and added a nose and then said "its a bird!" and sure enough, it did look like a bird! I thought it looked like a baby version of one of the 321 Penguins :)
And after supper we got out markers and paper and did some more drawing. I tried to teach her some tic-tac-toe and she got some practice making O's :)

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