Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Evie quotes!

While sitting eating lunch together.
Evie: I'm so happy you are my mommy!
Me: I'm so happy you are my Evie!
Evie: (after a bit of contemplation) I'm so happy that you are my mommy and I'm your Evie!

Rocking at bedtime. We hear what sounds like D running into something downstairs...
Evie: Siwwee(silly) daddy!
Me: Why is daddy silly?
Evie: Because he runned into someting.
then after a bit of giggling she adds: That always cracks me up! *then she really started laughing

Evie: (loudly) Its a green light. You can go-oh! (yep it was a two syllable attitudy go)
Me: What?
Evie: I was talking to that car (pointing at a car that had waiting to turn longer than necessary), they were in our way!

Then of course there are the staples like:
When I have wings, then I can fly!
When I am big, then I can *fill in the blank

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