Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

What a day! Our Valentine's Day started with Evie's first day in the Preschool Church class at church now that she turned 2 and she loved it! Mommy was a bit sad though that her little girl is growing up so fast!
Then after church a quick lunch at home and nap time for Evie and Mommy then dinner and a movie with my hubby while my sister and her roommate came to play with Evie. They watched some VeggieTales, had some dinner and did some painting - they even helped Evie to make her first paint masterpiece which will go in her room (I promise I am going to actually put some nails in the walls to hang pictures soon... really) They said she did really good with the brushes and would keep asking for more of whatever color she wanted - I think it turned out beautifully!
And Joni made one for us as well :) Sorry about pic quality I did it with a flash since it was dark out - the little silver squares are attached and there is a pretty dangle in the "orange" square.

Oooo, I better watch out! Two posts in two days?

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