Sunday, February 8, 2009

Evie's party

Evie will be turning 1 this Thursday February 12. Since Valentine's Day is the Saturday after we had a little party for her last Saturday the 7th. It was simple we had some snacky stuff, chocolate and white cupcakes and for the birthday girl applesauce banana cupcakes (sugar, dairy, wheat free). They tasted okay and had an interesting texture but for her she didn't know any different and seemed to love it! She even had a special outfit that I made with a matching floofy bow.

The recipe was from here, I used the first recipe for Sugar free applesauce and banana cake, cut it in half and it still made 12 cupcakes. I substituted Red Mill Gluten free flour for the wheat flour, did not add wheat germ, and used rice milk instead of soy.


  1. Happy Girthday, Little E!

    (and do i recognize that little brown sweater??? i'm so glad she can wear it!)

    is your little E allergic to some of that stuff that you left out of her cupcake? or have you just not introduced it all into her diet yet? just curious. and! would you share that recipe? i have a friend who just learned that her little gal is VERY allergic to gluten and those muffins sound like they might work for her!

  2. Happy First Birthday Evie and congratulations Bonnie - I know I felt kinda old realising I was mother to a 1 year old. I guess that's only going to get worse as he gets older!

    Anyway have a happy happy day!