Sunday, January 18, 2009

Stills of Life with Evie

I have been a bit overwhelmed with a teething child and crazy sleep (or sleepless) patterns of late so I haven't been sewing or blogging... I just wanted to share some of the things that have been filling our days - they make the teething troubles fade you'll see. So even though I am exhausted, I am smiling and happy :)

she wants to do everything that I do, so she was trying to carry around my camera the other day
sitting in the big comfy chair watching her Praise Baby dvd while I was supposed to be doing my Bible reading - but I spent most of the time taking pictures of her because it was so precious to watch her be excited about the pictures of kids and animals that flashed on the screen - she kept pointing and saying "THAT" (which comes out kind of like zhat)

clapping she was so happy

Evie hearts bath time, it is her favorite and no matter how fussy or tired she has been acting, the moment you get her in the bathroom and start the water she is trying to climb into the tub

she's happy and she knows it!

Daddy feeding her some pureed peas
just in case you weren't able to see the peas in the last pic

all bundled up when it snowed a ton earlier last week, it has been so cold that she really hasn't gotten to wear her snowpants and coat (which isn't as big of deal since I got the set at a garage sale last summer for $1.50 - and the sled in the next pic was $2) it was funny though because she couldn't get her balance with the whole gettup on and she kept falling over - she was like a big pink marshmallow

Daddy pulling her on the sled

trying to pet the kitty - he stands his ground with her and they usually end up batting at each other... she thinks it's fun, he does not

she likes to be up where she can see what I am doing in the kitchen, we were making cookies the other night and everyone was in their fleece comfy pants

this was hilarious - her friend Miciah who is 7 weeks older than her, his daddy was changing his diaper and I turned around and she was standing there looking at him like "what in the world is that!?"

at church a week ago

one of her little boyfriends at church Ezekiel "Z"- did I mention that we had a baby boom this last year and a half, I think there are about 10 little ones and now a few more on the way again (not me) he is 6 months younger than Evie, she is more petite I guess :)

So, there you have it... I am getting the sewing bug again so I should have some pictures in the next week of finished items I hope!


  1. Z wants to know how many boyfriends she has and where he is on the list! Thanks for all the pics!

  2. i loved the picture of her clapping! what a great shot!

    and way to focus on the bits of sunshine!

    she will eventually sleep through the night. at least that's what they tell you. i just retucked my 4 and 5 year olds in and it's almost 10:00. they are both sick, though . . .

    anyway - it's nice to see a post from you, i missed you.