Friday, November 21, 2008


So today was not what most people would label as productive. At the regular midday nap time, Evie woke up just as I laid her down in her crib... minutes from when she fell asleep. She was awake past the point of no return and so instead of sleeping and me getting the cleaning and such done that I had hoped to I got some extra mommy daughter time. She wasn't fussy either, she was happy and ready to play! First, while she was still in her crib we spent about 5 minutes playing "where's Evie?" It is so amazing to me how smart she is... she was standing at the rail and then without any prompting she crouched down still holding on and waited for a minute, then she popped back up and flashed a huge "here I am!" grin at me... I was hooked, so it continued and the smile got bigger and BIGGER and then by the end had turned into hysterical giggles! Then we went downstairs and read some books and she played with her gladware in the pantry. She did eventually succumb to sleep and took a mid-afternoon nap and by that time I had no motivation to clean, as D had gotten home from work. I guess cleaning will have to wait for another day.

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  1. the label should read lack of cleaning :) It's all good though...part of being a mommy!