Thursday, November 27, 2008

I'm Thankful For...

an amazing husband
our sweet baby girl
wonderful family
church family
being able to be a stay at home mom
a daughter who loves books already
peanut butter
my sewing machine
garage sales
America and the freedom we have
Christmas music
digital cameras
homemade apple pie
all the ideas running around in my brain
cell phones
Pancheros burritos


  1. Hi Bonnie
    What a fabulous list, you are truly blessed!
    Janelle xx

  2. hi bonnie,
    thanks for commenting on my blog over at Hestermania! my daughter had only a dusting of hair her first whole year of life, as well - everyone kept telling me what a cute little boy i have! but in her second year, her hair really took off and now it's a good few inches down her back. it may not sound like much, but now everyone knows she's a girl and i can put hair clips in her hair - finally! about the headbands in my giveaway, i just want to let you know they're for adults and i think they would be too big on evie. if you'd like, i can make you some that are smaller - it would be my first commission! ;) just let me know if you're interested and what colors you would like, etc. PS love the picture of your little girl with the tupperware =)