Saturday, November 22, 2008

First Snow... and a Tree

You might be wondering what these two things have in common. Well, only that today we planted a new tree in our yard... while it was flurrying like the dickins! We didn't really plan it that way, it just happened. I know, November is pretty late in the season to be planting trees. But it was a free tree. Evie and I had gone back to my parents at the beginning of the month while D had to work all day and while we were there they asked if we wanted a scarlet maple that they had bought. It was an impulse buy said my dad... they were on clearance and it was the last one left! They had been looking for another tree for their wonderfully "wooded" yard, but then after getting it home they decided that they wanted a tree that turned a different color in the fall. So this brings us to why we were planting a tree in November. Anyways, we were able to get it done while Miss Evie was napping and then... it stopped snowing :)

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